What is Sherlock What is Sherlock

How is it funded?

The project is funded from the research and development resources of LGAQ and is not funded through any rise in subscriptions or an extra levy. 

Why now?

We believe that councils are not immune from the challenges and opportunities of big data.
Decision making is getting harder as more data becomes available and more things are connected to the internet and social media applications.

During the development of the last Digital Productivity Report, LGAQ undertook a detailed survey of all 77 councils, of which 66 councils responded.  Of the 66 survey respondents, 84% of councils believed they could use information to enhance their operations and provide better services to the community. 

The project also follows 18 months of investigation by LGAQ executives into the prospects of big data, data analytics and blockchain technology and where these advances might take local government in coming years.

From that feedback, LGAQ got to work developing LG Sherlock, a data analysis tool designed to bring the power of ‘big data’ analytics to all councils, no matter their size or resources.

We know councils are busy and resources are always tight.
Nevertheless, as an industry we believe that should not cloud our assessment of opportunities that have the potential to substantially enhance our performance, our decision making and our reputation in our local communities.

We genuinely believe that by working together we can deliver on the potential that big data holds for us individually as local councils, and collectively as the local government industry in Queensland.

How does it work?

LG Sherlock is a data storage and analysis tool being introduced across an entire tier of government. It is being developed by LGAQ to help Queensland councils convert their data to insights they can use to make the best-possible decisions. 

LG Sherlock is a highly-secure cloud-based data storage and analysis system, backed up by a team of expert data scientists. 

It takes the information held in Excel spreadsheets, files and folders, archived boxes and shelved reports across Queensland councils, and turns it into information to support better decision making that will improve financial sustainability, enhance our reputation and reduce our exposure to risk.

All Queensland councils have something to take from LG Sherlock, no matter their size, resources or current data-analysing capacity.

Where does the data come from?

Councils get to make a choice about how much data they input to the system and who they want to share it with. 

LG Sherlock will take that data, along with data from other tiers of government and relevant organisations and turn it into enhanced insights for better decision making.

Sherlock will not ask for any data from councils until all the necessary security, privacy, ethics and governance issues have been addressed to Council’s satisfaction. These are currently being finalised utilising the expertise of industry leading firms such as GWI, Amazon Web Services and King and Co.