What is Sherlock What is Sherlock

How to make sense of massive volumes of data that is being generated and collected in our communities by Commonwealth, state and local government has been at the centre of LGAQ thinking for the past couple of years. 

Councils are not immune from the challenges of big data. Decision making is getting harder as more and more things are connected to the internet.

LG Sherlock is a world-first data storage and analysis tool being introduced across an entire tier of government. Developed by LGAQ to help Queensland councils convert their data to insights they can use to make the best-possible decisions. 

LG Sherlock is essentially a highly-secure cloud-based data storage and analysis system, backed up by a team of expert data scientists. 

It takes the information held in Excel spreadsheets, files and folders, archived boxes and shelved reports across Queensland councils, and turns it into great decisions that will help build better communities. All Queensland councils have something to take from LG Sherlock, no matter their size, resources or current data-analysing capacity.

Councils get to make a choice about how much data they input to the system and who they want to share it with. 

LG Sherlock will take that data, along with data from other tiers of government and relevant organisations, and turn it into quality insights.

By inputting some or all of your data into LG Sherlock, you’ll be taking the first step in a journey to access far greater insights, allowing you to make the best-possible decisions for your community.

The service will be offered free-of-charge to councils for a period after its launch in early 2018, allowing every council the opportunity to see how the technology can be used and what benefits it can provide.