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State Inaction Threatens Home Owners' Lives...Councils

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State Inaction Threatens Home Owners' Lives...Councils

State government inaction could be resulting in increased deaths from asbestos-related diseases, Local Government Association of Queensland president, Cr Paul Bell, said today.

Cr Bell’s comments followed the release of the results of a study released by the Asbestos Disease Foundation of Australia, linking a huge increase in do-it-yourself home renovations with a surge in cases of the asbestos-related killer disease mesothelioma.

“The state government has known about this problem for a year and done nothing about it,” Cr Bell said.

“The LGAQ raised the matter last year with the government, advising them that this was a serious issue and seeking action from them,” he said.

“The only action they have taken is to devolve the responsibility for maintaining asbestos in non-workplace settings to local government.

“Queensland councils are very concerned that their staff simply cannot deal with the issue. Our employees simply do not have the specialist skills needed to investigate and fix any asbestos-related complaint.

“However, the state government already has skilled staff who investigate and fix asbestos complaints in workplaces.

“The government’s recent amendments to the Health Act are an attempt to flick pass responsibility to councils, which is absolutely ridiculous. There is nothing remotely resembling a Smart State approach in the government’s treatment of the issue.

“The Health minister should step up and take responsibility for managing this insidious health threat,” Cr Bell said.



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