For Queensland to advance a zero-waste future, waste must be avoided, reused and recycled with investment in diverse and innovative resource recovery technologies.

The release of the Queensland Waste Management and Resource Recovery Strategy in July 2019 introduced a range of resource recovery and landfill diversion targets where councils must play a significant role in their achievement.

The introduction of the Queensland waste levy on 1 July 2019 along with the commitment from the State Government to reinvest funds generated back into waste management and resource recovery initiatives provides a significant opportunity for local councils.

The need for councils to understand their problem waste streams with an aim of creating sustainable local and regional markets and solutions will become increasingly critical for councils.

The ability to access accurate, consistent waste data is key to providing a greater understanding of these opportunities in the emerging waste and resource recovery industry.

LG Sherlock's Waste Detective makes the ingestion, collation and understanding of your waste data a straightforward process. It not only saves your council time and resources, but provides a consolidation of council data that will further improve outcomes for the sector as a whole.

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*Please note ALL councils are encouraged to participate, irrespective of whether they use Mandalay products or not.