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For Queensland to advance a zero-waste future, a strategic combination of recycling, re-use and redirection must be employed along with investment in diverse and innovative resource recovery technologies.

The introduction of the Queensland waste levy on 1 July 2019, along with the commitment from the State Government to reinvest funds generated back into waste management and resource recovery initiatives provides a significant opportunity for local councils to develop their waste management systems.   

Having now completed a comprehensive review into available local government waste data, LG Sherlock has developed a new waste analytics tool called Waste Detective. The tool has been created to use the detailed data returns that councils provide to DES (Department of Environment and Science) as the primary data source. The detailed data returns are required to be submitted monthly to the department by all Waste Levy councils.

A survey of councils at the recent LGAQ Waste Forum indicated majority support for such an output.

This new service will provide improved visualization of the monthly DES data assisting participating councils with both benchmarking, trend and comparison insights.

There will be no cost for councils to participate in Waste Detective - participation remains voluntary.

To maximise the value of insights, participation in the service is not anonymous (council data will be labelled) enabling councils to see only high level waste data from neighbouring councils with the intent of creating potential business and collaborative opportunities.

The LGAQ’s goal is to assist Waste Levy councils to access deeper insights into their waste management activities. 

If you have any questions, please contact the LG Sherlock team on 1300 542 700.

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