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At the core of LG Sherlock is its analytics platform. It includes a set of infrastructure, software, processes and services which enable the ingestion, storing, processing, analysing and visualisation of data.

Security and access management will be configured to protect the data as well as control access to the platform.

The highly-scalable and multi-tenant analytics platform has been setup on a data lake with the capacity to process huge volumes of data.

The discovery platform includes analytics tools to provide data scientists the tools needed to create analytic models, build reporting dashboards and extract insights from the data. 

Want access to your consolidated historical data? Besides providing your council or business with analytical tools, we can provide you with an easy interface to access your data. Talk to us about a Snowflake account.



The analytics platform will be capable of ingesting public and non-public information, including Unclassified Information and In-Confidence Information.

The platform is also capable of ingesting personally identifiable information (PII) but is not currently designed to accept Payment Card Industry (PCI) data (e.g. Bank account or credit/debit cards details). 

The diagram below explains different classification levels of data, as defined by the Queensland Government.

LG Sherlock will comply with various regulatory compliance regulations as required by the Queensland Government, as defined in the Information Security Standard (IS18). These include:

  • Queensland Government Information Security Classification Framework (QGISCF) Framework. 
  • Network Transmission Security Assurance Framework (NTSAF) 
  • Queensland Government Authentication Framework (QGAF). 
  • Australian Privacy Principles (APPs)