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LG Sherlock’s services will cater for councils with varying degrees of data analytics systems currently in place.   The system is designed to help councils learn to better put their data to work – no matter what resources that council has currently. 

Councils will be able to gradually increase their use of the service, as their need for data evolves over time.

LG Sherlock will provide three service levels: 

1. Reporting as a service:

This tier offers online reporting dashboard solutions for councils. These dashboards will range in usage and application, from executive-level dashboards through to reporting dashboards for key lines of business. 

2. Analytics as a service:

Analytics as a service offers councils online access to data visualisation tools to help with high-level analysis activities. Councils can use this for everything from generating annual reports, gathering information for their communications channels, or undertaking simple data analysis activities. 

3. Projects as a service:

The final, and most complex, tier is projects as a service, which will adopt a more involved approach to data analysis through partnerships with other organisations and research projects undertaken to solve specific council problems. 

The LGAQ is currently planning to commence the rollout of LG Sherlock in early 2018 and will offer the service to councils free until 2019.  This period will allow councils to improve their data capabilities and experience the benefits of LG Sherlock first hand.  This period will also allow LGAQ to improve its service delivery and knowledge of all the possibilities LG Sherlock can provide to Queensland’s councils.