Project Overview Project Overview

LGAQ has been undertaking research for the past few years on the opportunity of big data and insights can provide to improve decision making for councils. 

The outcome was the development of strategic partnerships with the world’s best in the business – Accenture and Amazon Web Services (AWS) – to develop an analytics-as-a-service solution – LG Sherlock.

During the development of the last Digital Productivity Report, LGAQ undertook a detailed survey of all 77 Councils, of which 66 councils responded.  Of the 66 survey respondents, 84% of councils believed they could use information to enhance their operations and provide better services to the community. From that feedback, LGAQ got to work developing LG Sherlock, a data analysis tool designed to bring the power of ‘big data’ analytics to all councils, no matter their size or resources.

LG Sherlock is currently in the development phase, with a group of pilot councils working closely with the LGAQ to begin inputting data.

LGAQ currently intends to have LG Sherlock fully operational in early 2018 and will start working with councils from this point to support adoption of the service. It’s hoped that LG Sherlock will become a viable and heavily-utilised service that councils use well into the future. 

LG Sherlock is one part of a strategy that also recongnises the importance of developing a data-centric culture, the need to invest in data (systems, processes) and the need to develop skills associated with data at the local level (business analysts, data analysts etc).