Pilot Councils Pilot Councils

Seven councils from across the state signed up as LG Sherlock pilot councils and have provided significant input to the development of Sherlock thus far.

If you’d like to become involved in some pilot activities, please visit the Get Involved page and register your interest.

The Energy Detective Pilot

We know that to gain credibility Sherlock needs to get some runs on the board.  Against this background, we have selected energy and the ‘Energy Detective’ as our pilot area to work with councils to provide some real examples of the opportunities presented by big data and to demonstrate our commitment to engaging Councils as Sherlock evolves.

Why energy? 
Firstly, energy is a large and ever-increasing cost to our businesses – for our Queensland local government industry the annual bill is in excess of $250 million. 

Energy data exists within every council – it does not take extra effort or resourcing to access.

All we are asking councils to do now in the energy detective pilot is to allow us to access their energy data (subject to LGAQ providing the necessary security, privacy, ethics and governance guarantees which are currently being finalised).

The Sherlock challenge is to prove to councils that by working together, sharing information, and analysing and assessing our collective energy data - we can make significant savings, reduce our risk and positively increase our reputation.