Pilot Pilot

Seven councils from across the state signed up as LG Sherlock pilot councils and have gained early access to the many advantages of LG Sherlock. Those councils have so far reported a range of feedback on the system and how they’re using it, which has been fed back into the ongoing development process of LG Sherlock. 

To build service capacity, LG Sherlock will continue to work with a small number of councils up until the operational launch of the service in early 2018.  If you’d like to become involved in some pilot activities, please visit the Get Involved page and register your interest.


To fully demonstrate the capabilities of LG Sherlock to Queensland councils, LGAQ ran the LG Sherlock pilot for the two months leading up to LGAQ’s 2017 Annual Conference in Gladstone.  The pilot commenced with LGAQ seeking interest from a small number of councils, before LGAQ hosted a workshop at its premises in August 2017 to determine several research topics (or use cases) that are current challenges being faced by the majority of Queensland councils. These use cases were designed to show a range of practical applications for the technology and how it’s already helping councils put their data to work.

A total of 12 use cases were identified during the workshop, which were then prioritised down to the four use cases.  These comprised of two primary (commercial) and two secondary (social) use cases.

The LG Sherlock team then worked closely with the pilot councils and several state government agencies to develop individual Information and Data Sharing Agreements, locate and upload the relevant datasets for each of the use cases and discuss the analytics findings with several council subject matter experts.  

To read more detail about each of the four use cases, please select from the following icons: