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Unlocking council data is helping drive value for our communities.

LG Sherlock's Energy Detective data project is providing intelligent asset management, leading to improved performance and long-term financial sustainability.

In all sectors, new technologies are transforming how asset information is collected, collated and analysed.

Energy Detective is an innovative and unique product using council intelligence which is helping councils deliver value, for today and for the future.

EY’s Igor Sadimenko says we should move fast: innovative technologies — analytics in particular — are creating a disruption effect; early adoption will provide competitive advantage and help to secure your organization’s short-term priorities and long-term goals.

By adopting Energy Detective's innovative analytics you can bring new insights to your monthly energy invoices. Just one important feature of Energy Detective is the capability of displaying the top 15 energy consuming assets that are behaving unexpectedly.

Of course, not every variance is a problem, but every variance tells a story.

Identifying variances manually from hundreds of pages of invoices is close to impossible, but with Energy Detective these insights are immediate and obvious.

with council’s authority
we can collect the data directly from
your energy suppliers,
meaning no internal
administrative efforts or costs. 

Find out how Energy Detective can help your council save money and drive better value. Book a demonstration with our friendly LG Sherlock team 1300 542 700.