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Local councils poised to benefit with help of Energy Detective

Local councils are poised to benefit from new mechanisms from the Australian Energy Market Commission, with big electricity users getting paid for reducing power demand during peak times, easing the load on the grid and potentially cutting 'costs for everyone'.

Bruce Mountain, director of the Victoria Energy Policy Centre said, "The biggest challenge would be determining what a participant's baseline demand is and therefore how much it is giving up during peak period."

We've got that covered. The Energy Detective tool developed by
LG Sherlock is making future predictions a new reality for councils.

By understanding historical and seasonal energy use, Energy Detective can consolidate past and current consumption to confidently predict future usage (and costs), providing critical baseline demand reporting.

These insights are helping councils save money now and over the longer term by identifying ways to actively manage energy costs, reduce energy consumption and lower their carbon footprint.

Contact the LG Sherlock Team to find out more 1300 542 700.