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ABC Radio - Energy Detective

Brodie had the opportunity to speak with Kelly Higgins-Devine from ABC Radio on the subject of LGAQ's Energy Detective - Have a listen below!   Your browser does not support the ...

Energy Detective product looks to cut massive council power bill

A local government data analytics team is examining ways in which councils in Queensland can reduce their energy bills, currently running at a collective $250 million a year across the sector.

CEO Column: Diving into Big Data

LGAQ CEO column: I want to share with you an exciting new project that the LGAQ has launched. It promises to deliver big benefits for councils and put local government in Queensland at the forefront of driving the benefits of technological change.

Don't miss the Official Launch at Annual Conference

TUESDAY 17 OCTOBER: Don’t miss the opportunity to hear direct from the team how this cutting-edge technology will work to enhance council operations and provide better services to the community.

LG Sherlock: What this Big Data Project Means for Council

How will LG Sherlock actually work to help councils?

Big Data Project Gamechanger for Councils

It’s begun: LG Sherlock is the largest data project for councils to date, and is set to change the game for local government in Queensland.