Mobile Detective Mobile Detective

Mobile devices are an essential business tool for local government.

Complex monthly billing, confusing mobile plans and personnel changes can make it difficult to understand the best use of council issued handsets.

Mobile Detective is an initiative of the Local Government Association of Queensland's (LGAQ) LG Sherlock project which is helping councils regain control of their monthly mobile spend.

By intelligently combining monthly invoicing and mobile plan data Mobile Detective provides:

  • informative visualisations of mobile use across all users (call, text and data)
  • interactive tools to drill down into individual handsets
  • intelligent recommendations about how to best optimise mobile phone fleet

These capabilities will help you to:

  • effectively manage monthly mobile costs
  • make smarter decisions regarding handset purchases and disposals
  • apply the best mobile plans to reflect usage
  • quickly identify improper or excessive use
  • benchmark mobile costs within and across organisations

Mobile Detective delivers a simple yet valuable tool for deeper understanding and better management of mobile phones across the organisation.

Updating Mobile Detective information

To update the Mobile Detective tool, please use the Service Number Update Form.  This file is used to reset history on assets which are reassigned within a council.  The previous history will still be available but the Service Owner will be removed.  Please send the completed file to