Get Involved Get Involved

The LG Sherlock project team has a lot to do to get ready for the operational rollout of the service in early 2018.  This includes:

  • Undertaking state-wide consultation on how to best deliver, implement and administer the service
  • Working through the security and data sharing business rules
  • Continuing engagement with Queensland Government agencies to secure valuable datasets that will enrich the service for councils
  • Building LGAQ’s in-house data and analytics project capabilities
  • Continue the current analytics momentum, by undertaking additional pilot research projects
  • Data Ethics Framework
  • Data Security
  • Privacy Policy
  • Master Data Sharing Agreement 

LGAQ is committed to making sure the LG Sherlock service will benefit all Queensland councils and we cannot do this without strong engagement and actual council involvement. 

If you’re interested in becoming involved in LG Sherlock, please contact LG Sherlock on or 1300 542 700.

You can also register here to receive our frequent email correspondence on project progress.