How will my data be used?

LG Sherlock takes your data and enriches it with both public and private data from various sources.  Any confidential and identifiable information is made anonymous and is then interrogated by our team of exceptional data professionals to provide useful insights to help you drive efficiency within your organisation.

By anonymising your data, we are able to provide benchmarking capabilities to all our customers without exposing any confidential information.  This allow you to see your own performance, but also identify how you are performing against other similar organisations.
Ultimately, you are the owner of your data and can choose which information you share with LG Sherlock and the wider community.


How secure is LG Sherlock?

LG Sherlock operates in a highly secure cloud-based platform operating on Amazon Web Services (AWS).  Amazon is the world’s largest cloud services provider and is certified with the Australian Government’s Information Security Registered Assessors Program.

In addition to the security provided via AWS, LG Sherlock employs internal security protocols that prevents any unauthorised access to LG Sherlock systems. 

I'm from a small council without many resources. Can I still be involved?

LG Sherlock prides itself on providing exceptional service for small organisations as these are the customers that can benefit a great deal from our offerings.

Where able, LG Sherlock will work with third party providers to obtain the information we need.  Where this is not feasible, we endeavour to ingest data that is probably already being recorded somewhere in your council.

All customers, big and small, can benefit from the insights that LG Sherlock can provide and we work with smaller councils to learn from the experience of larger councils to become more efficient.


What does LG Sherlock do that my organisation can't?

All of our analysts have come to LG Sherlock with a vast array of experience in both public and private sectors, and are among the top data professionals in Australia.  LG Sherlock also employs the most sophisticated and newest data technologies currently available in the global market.

By combining these factors, LG Sherlock is an exceptionally powerful offering that allows incredible flexibility to implement updates and adapt to changing circumstances with ease.  In essence, we are fast, adaptable and can deploy solutions on modern platforms that is infinitely scalable.

With automation services working hard behind the scenes, we are able to devote our time and energy to developing products to assist our customers drive efficiencies and provide value.

How much extra work do I have to do?

LG Sherlock has a mandate to minimise disruption to your existing workload and to that degree, we will work with any third party providers as much as possible to prevent any impact to our customers.  If any effort is required, we aim to simply leverage any existing data reporting structures already in place to get the information we require.

Investing the time, focus and energy into working with LG Sherlock now will enable you to take advantage of operational efficiencies and improvements in the long-term, likely contributing to the successful resolution of other priorities in your organisation.

How can I convince my community and leaders of the benefits of LG Sherlock?

LG Sherlock will simply help you service your community better.  Once you start seeing specific outcomes for your community from the data we can provide, the importance of LG Sherlock will be self evident. 

To assist you, LGAQ will provide support through case studies, stories and examples to help you communicate the benefits of data analytics in delivering services to your community.

How easy is it to use LG Sherlock?

We’ve developed LG Sherlock to be extremely user-friendly and accessible for all levels of staff in your organisation.  Easy-to-use dashboards will guide you through the data analysis in a way that most people will instinctually be able to comprehend.

LG Sherlock has been designed to have a strong focus on simple, self-service analytics and our analysts are available to assist you at any time.  If the data presented is proving difficult to interpret, we have the ability to rapidly deploy changes to ensure that we continue to provide an effortless user experience and endeavour to do so at all times.