Emissions Emissions

In July we added indirect emissions from consumption of purchased electricity to Energy Detective. This addition has been well received by users and prompted the question: 'Can you add this to the other LG Sherlock tools?'

Next step: an emissions data layer for all tools to help provide a more complete emissions picture for Qld councils - Emissions Detective!

As more councils join the LG Sherlock project we will have more data available to aggregate emissions layers from:

  • Energy Detective
  • Waste Detective
  • Fleet Detective
  • Mobile Detective (in development)
  • Library Detective (in development) and more!

This will help councils to gain never before available, easily digestible insights into their overall emissions factors. This will empower informed decisions for reducing emissions to meet target goals. 

NOTE: From Energy Detective key terms - 

Emissions: Calculated using methodolgy from the Department of the Environment and Energy National Greenhouse Accounts Factors ( July 2017) for indirect emissions from consumption of purchased electricity (2.3.2). estimates emissions of CO2, CH4, N2O expressed together as carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2-e) with the following equation: Emissions = Usage (kWh)* Scope 2 Emission Factor (0.79 for Qld) / 1000.