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The Local Government Association of Queensland has agreed to partner with Queensland Treasury in delivering a three-month ‘Development Assessment Activity Monitoring Pilot Project’, to support the publication of a Planning System Snapshot Report by the State Government in late 2020 that summarises:

  • local government development assessment (DA) activity,
  • State Assessment and Referral Agency (SARA) performance data,
  • Planning & Environment Court decision data, and 
  • local plan-making and amendment activities.

LG Sherlock has been engaged to collate, analyse, and present the data gathered to make decision making easy, and encourage innovation and benchmarking.

In supporting this Pilot Project, the LGAQ identified that there is value for councils in progressing a local government led, collaborative approach to the monitoring of planning and development activity, as well as the need for improved coordination, consistency and transparency of associated data.

Importantly, this project will help to establish a development assessment monitoring framework and provide important insights to guide improvements to the Queensland planning system.

The Pilot Project provides an opportunity to further demonstrate Queensland local government’s commitment towards transparency and collaboration.