Development Activity Development Activity

The Local Government Association of Queensland is partnering with the State Government and 18 Queensland councils to deliver a ‘Development Activity Monitoring Pilot Project’ and a local government led, collaborative approach to the monitoring and reporting of planning and development activity data for the 2019-2020 financial year. 

Data collected through the Pilot Project is intended to inform, and be included in, the inaugural publication of a Planning System Snapshot Report by the State Government in 2021 which will summarise:

  • local government development activity data,
  • State Assessment and Referral Agency (SARA) performance data,
  • Planning & Environment Court decision data, and 
  • local plan-making and amendment activities.

In supporting this Pilot Project, the LGAQ’s Advocacy and LG Sherlock teams have been working closely with participating councils to collate, analyse, and present the data gathered to support improved coordination, consistency and transparency of data, and encourage innovation and benchmarking.

Importantly, the Pilot Project demonstrates the commitment of Queensland local governments to transparency, collaboration and facilitating development activity in local communities and provides a strong foundation and range of important insights/opportunities, to guide ongoing development activity monitoring and improvements to the Queensland planning system.